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governor sarah palin and the flagSarah Palin has her own FaceBook account, her own PAC, her own blog located in the Notes Section of her FaceBook Site – the list goes on and on.

But does she have a quiet little corner to which she can retreat and consider the cultural phenomenon- the icon for true Conservatism she has become?

Does she have a calm, quiet cafe-like internet place with a Palin friendly atmosphere where her followers may read articles and track her progress toward election 2012 and beyond?

Sarah, here is YOUR quiet corner. Welcome! And welcome to all of your friends and supporters who have wanted a special place in which to find you. From time to time we will reference new information and additionally something humorous but not negative about our Sarah.


Update for October 6, 2009 (#2)

by VotingFemale

Sarah issued a second blogpost on her Facebook Notes blog today in which she makes a case for sensible energy leadership based on sound economic principles rather than political furtherance of ulterior ideological/political motives.

Sarah’s article reads as follows…

Further Proof of the Need for Energy Independence

Today at 8:39pm

The British newspaper The Independent reported today that Gulf oil producers were negotiating with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace the dollar in pricing oil with a basket of currencies.[1]

According to the Wall Street Journal, Arab oil officials have denied the story, but even the possibility of such a talk weakens the dollar and renews fears about its continued viability as an international reserve currency.[2]

In fact, today a United Nations official called for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar and end our “privilege” to run up huge deficits.[3] We can see the effect of this in the price of gold, which hit a record high today in response to fears about the weakened dollar.[4]

All of this is a result of our out-of-control debt. This is why we need to rein in spending, and this is also why we need energy independence. A weakened dollar means higher commodity prices. This will make it more difficult to pay our bills – including the bill to import oil.

In his book Architects of Ruin, Peter Schweizer points out that the Obama administration is focusing primarily on “green energy,” while ignoring our need to develop our domestic conventional energy resources.[5] We’re ignoring the looming crisis caused by our dependence on foreign oil. Because we’re dependent on foreign nations for our oil, we’re also at their mercy if they decide to dump the dollar as their trade currency. We can’t allow ourselves to be so vulnerable to the whims of foreign nations. That’s why we must develop our own domestic supplies of oil and gas.

Though the chant of “Drill, baby, drill” was much derided, it expressed the need to confront this issue head-on before it reaches a crisis point.

Bottom line: let’s stop digging ourselves into debt and start drilling for energy independence.

– Sarah Palin

[1] See

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*Note: Schweizer’s book is a real eye-opener. The sections on ACORN are quite informative.


Update for October 6, 2009 (#1)

by SamHenry

Recently I became a member of “Team Sarah” at The website is an authorized Sarah Palin site and is a “diverse coalition of Americans dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the Political process.” To become a member, you must first fill out a registration and then be approved to use the site. Once a member, there is a wonderful world of opportunities for learning, support, updates on all things Sarah AND a shopping zone for Sarah items as well. Check it out.

And in the news about Sarah today:

Palin published a note on her Facebook page Tuesday that encourages President Barack Obama to grant a request for the tens of thousands of additional troops reportedly requested by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in the country.

“Now is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision,” Palin wrote on the site. “It is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan.” Noting the possible consequences of not helping to build up Afghanistan’s institutions, the former Alaska governor also wholeheartedly endorsed McChrystal’s counterinsurgency approach to continued U.S. military presence in the country.

For the rest of this article, see political ticker – ‘Now is not the time for cold feet,’ Palin says of Afghanistan __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Update 9/30/2009

by SamHenry Not even out yet, Sarah Palin’s book is on the NY Times Best Seller List.

fall sarah palinGoing Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin

Publication Date November 17th


Update: 9/27/2009 –

by SamHenry Yesterday, your editor wrote in our EAGLE’S EYE column Desperately Seeking Sarah – Mystery, Not the Fringe Media, Now Surrounds Sarah Palin,

So little is out there about Sarah Palin these days that if I were to do a blog post with merely the title “Sarah Palin” and leave it blank, it would get thousands of hits.

ApparentlyAndrew Daley at the AP wire service had similar thoughts when earlier in the day he wrote in a column “Where’s Palin….”

Before she quit with more than a year left in her first term as governor, Palin promised to keep her fans updated on the social networking site Twitter, but so far there have been no messages. Palin updates her Facebook page – which has about 900,000 followers – once or twice a week, with items that alternately criticize President Barack Obama’s health care policy or offer praise for Constitution Day or the Jewish high holidays. But mostly Palin operates from behind a veil. Her spokeswoman won‘t even say what state she’s in. The Washington Post reported that Palin spent a month in California working on her book but has since left. Spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton declined to comment

In checking the AP wire early this morning, I was heartened that more powerful pens than mine had difficulty finding any word on Sarah to write. While I was reassured that my own search and research skills were right up there with the best, it was at the same time discouraging to discover that the story of her “disappearance” has grown legs. But one thing that I am up on: Sara Palin’s Twitter account has been “dark,” as the LA TIMES put it, since July 26, 2009. So I fall back on my assessment in my EAGLE”S EYE column of yesterday:

Must be that “handlers” are of the opinion that if you have nothing much to kick around then, well, when something presents itself, the pent up anxiety produces headlines!

TWITTER we are not; nor are we FaceBook but we will keep you up to date on Sarah Palin as soon as information breaks about her. Could she have rented Vice-President Biden’s bunker – you know the one he rendered useless by revealing it’s location in an off-hand remark to the press? It’s the perfect location: DC access without the DC crowds and press. Sarah, if you’re listening, consider it as one of your options! SamHenry, Editor _____________________________________________________________________________________________

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