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VotingFemale Friends Speak!

is a sister blog to the mother ship blog VotingFemale Speaks!

The Power of US

Patriotic Friends - A Gathering of Eagles

VotingFemale Friends Speak! blog can be thought of as a Rapid Response Team approach to quickly developing situations in the Political World as the Socialists March to take over our Country.

Here you will find cross-posted comments from VotingFemale Speaks! blog covering numerous hot topics each day which contributing friends and I feel needs visibility as quickly as possible.

Visit VotingFemale Friends Speak! often to view what we feel is breaking and important news for all to be informed about.

Comments cross-posted  from VotingFemale Speaks! are both analysis of late breaking news and scans of articles of the latest news from news and blog articles from across the internet gathered here for quick and timely consumption.

VotingFemale Friends Speak! , like the mother ship blog, VotingFemale Speaks!, is a member of the totally grassroots Conservative Blog Network and has absolutely no affiliation with any political party or their political organizations.

What your see and read is totally sourced from everyday citizens of the United States of America who avail the First Amendment of the US Constitution to make their Voices HEARD!!! And Heard as LOUDLY AND CLEARLY AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!

Socialists/Communists/Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians who wish to silence our voices of Dissent of Socialism and Socialist Politicians and their Minions can take a Flipping Hike!

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