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Is American Histroy Safe from teachers?

Foxwood // October 15, 2009 at 10:15 am

Do you know what the teacher’s unions do for your children?
Do you know why the founding fathers are not taught in school anymore?


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Leftist TeachersUnions

5 Oct 2009 by Suzanne Venker
The problem for all education secretaries, however, is getting past the leftist NEA (National Education Association) — who are responsible for our nation’s teacher unions. The NEA is known for its soft stance on teacher accountability.
No Bull Mom –


26 Sep 2009 by The Historian
The political left has dominated the direction of government schools for decades and the result is useless curriculum, no discipline, minimal standards, increased per pupil expenditure, poorer test results, massive emphasis on political correctness As is always the case in a free market economy, viable and successful choices have emerged that threaten the very future of the government school teachers unions and their low quality, poor outcome institutionalized agenda.
The Real World –

Hotel Afraid of Right-Wingers, Refuses Teachers Union | Japan Probe

31 Jan 2008 by James
According to Wikipedia, the Japan Teachers Union has strong leftist/socialist leanings and it well known “for its critical stance against the conservative corporatist Liberal Democractic Party government on such issues as Kimi Ga Yo,
Japan Probe » Japanese TV –
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There’s My Two Cents: Obama And The Unions

13 Oct 2009 by 2Cents
Obama gift-wrapped the tariff as a reward to the unions and the hard left, protectionist wing of the Democrat Party. And even Bill Clinton thinks the decision is ridiculous. Killing School Choice :: Teachers Unions (NEA and AFT):
There’s My Two Cents –

Fiery Spirited Zionist: Columbus

12 Oct 2009 by LEL
It’s no wonder that so many parents want to home school their children when you have the ultra-leftist teachers union in control of the public schools, teaching historical revisionism to students. In defiance of Columbus Day and
Fiery Spirited Zionist –

Belmont Club » The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

23 hours ago by Richard Fernandez
We need to be able to fire bad teachers and teachers unions are part of the problem. On the other hand, like many liberals, Reich doesn’t realize that the “underpaid teachers” mantra is simply 20 years out of date. ….. The idea of people who have spent 50-some years working and then spending their final years in relative leisure seems to offend utilitarian leftists. Now, the Obamas (both of them) want to take away summer from all American students.
Belmont Club –

Teachers Union Loves ACORN: Gives Moocher, Looters, Thieves 1.3

15 Sep 2009 by Pamela Geller
The whole system has been ruined, everything, by the left. It’s in everything, it’s everywhere. I will repeat my school slogan: parents, home school! Teachers Union Loves ACORN Teachers unions have contributed over $1.3 million to ACORN
Atlas Shrugs –

Teachers unions have contributed over $1.3 million to ACORN

13 Sep 2009
Don’t blame the teachers, blame the adminstrators of the teachers union. The union officials, majority of which are leftists and Obaama lovers, remind me of the Jim Jones followers….drink this kool-aid and everything will be ok
Beltway Confidential –
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The Union News.: Tuesday wrap

13 Oct 2009 by Silence Dogood
The following thumbnails describe a very small sampling of the locust horde of Leftist bureaucrats President Barack Hussein Obama has deliberately chosen to help him grasp the helm of America’s ship of state, strip it from the American Mendola said, alluding to Liu’s victory celebration at teachers union headquarters in downtown Manhattan. “There’s a conflict of interest there that screams at voters.” Scream it may but New Yorkers have become accustomed to the roar.

Famous Leftist Michael Moore Snubs Union in Flimmaking – THE UNION



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