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Keeping Your Wits and Staying the Course in the face of socialist “Intimidation”; A Must Read

LisaInTX // October 8, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Thought I would share this insightful message from Whistleblower magazine…..

“The name of the socialist game is “Intimidation.” Consider what happens when government constantly upsets citizens by bombarding them with rapid-fire crises and “solutions’ that just make the problems worse: Some people become so overwhelmed, they just give in and stop fighting so as to relieve the pressure. Others try to fight back, but become so frustrated that their efforts are misdirected and ineffective, and before long they burn out. A very few, in their rage, might become so unhinged they resort to violence, like Timothy McVeigh, who decided that blowing up a government building in Oklahoma City in 1995 was an acceptable way to fight back against a corrupt government. In reality, he succeeded only in murdering 168 of his countrymen, including a daycare center full of toddlers.
Leftist leaders then capitalize handsomely on such ‘right-wing terrorism’ as justification for their attempts to demonize and suppress conservative groups and voices across the board.

That is why those who are addicted to power are intent on keeping us off balance.


There’s a WORLD of difference
and seething hatred!

One is based on a strong sense of justice,
the other is self-destructive, out-of-control rage.

If we can rise above the temptation to hate, we are left with a truly righteous passion to right the wrongs in our beloved country.

Then, whatever we do to reclaim our America–whether we march in huge numbers on the nation’s capital and elsewhere; recall or impeach activist judges; take over local government starting at the precinct level; run for Congress; encourage state legislators to DEFY the federal government when it usurps the STATES constitutional TENTH Amendment powers; take our children out of government schools; or participate in peaceful civil disobedience—OUR EFFORTS WILL BE BLESSED!!” —David Kupelian


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