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White House Blog Gives Glen Beck Star Power – Beyond Belief for 10/2/2009

shark coming out of the side of the house.

Beyond Belief for October 2, 2009

From Sam Henry, Editor

It is well known in Public Relations firms that both negative press and positive press produce publicity and the White House has certainly given Glen Beck what he wants – more of it!  Taking him on should have been relegated to a lesser position say that of Speaker of the House!

It is reported that Glen will take up the White House blog tonight on his show (October 2,2009).  I’ll just bet he is down on his knees thankful for the White House bullies.  Stay tuned. This could be bigger than, say, Iran’s nuclear program.  Glen – go nuclear!

A final note. The header on the website under which Glen has twice been the subject is “Reality Check.”  The big question is “Whose Reality Check”?  Looks to me that Glen Beck did a reality check on White House policy first and that the White House website “Reality Check” is reactive.  Sorry we hurt Administration feelings.  Glen, say you’re sorry so you don’t hear from Congress as well.

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