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Obama Blog at diminishes the office of POTUS

VotingFemale said October 2, 2009 at 7:00 am at VotingFemale Speaks!

Samiam, are you aware Obama’s White House crew created a blog at to respond to Glenn Beck and publish other messages in the blogosphere?

I suspect it will only be a matter of time before the Obama Gang starts directly addressing individual bloggers with their’s political ObamaBlog.

This shows the extremely amateurish level of the Occupant of the Office of the President of the United States. Obama diminishes the office of POTUS with stunts like calling out Glenn Beck with an official White House Blog. And he has never understood that and the worldwide public opinion fallout from such behavior of a US President… he just doesn’t get it.

I have seen it and it is a hoot! Tell me the white house was unaware of how corrupt ACORN was and is and how much money ACORN is/was getting from the Federal Government and State and Local governments!

They have obviously been watching Glenn Beck all along, as has the Socialist Fringe Media (SFM) …and the appearance of their new blog at is tacit proof of that.


I should do a blogpost about that! ;)

from another blogger:


see: Official White House Website Attacks Beck, Fox News

Official White House Website Attacks Beck, Fox News [Guy Benson]

Perhaps I’ve totally missed the boat on this, but is it customary for the official White House website to attack individual political commentators and TV networks? The Obama administration’s has an entire page dedicated to fact-checking Glenn Beck on a number of issues, including his comments regarding Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics:

Reality Check: Trying to Turn a Point of Pride into a Moment of Shame

Last night Fox News continued its disregard for the facts in an attempt to smear the Administration’s efforts to win the Olympics for the United States. In the past, hosting the Olympics has been a source of pride and unity for the country, but once again Fox News’ Glenn Beck program has shown that nothing is worthy of respect if it can be used as part of a partisan attack to boost ratings.

Feel free to read the “rhetoric vs reality” talking points that follow, punctuated with an exhortation for readers to check out “even more Fox lies” on another site.

Shouldn’t the White House leave this type of petty political finger-wagging to lefty groups like Media Matters? It seems utterly beneath the Office of the President of the United States to be authoring snarky blog posts assailing critics in the media. Unless I missed this type of thing in the past, this represents yet another unseemly change brought about by this hyper-partisan White House.


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