Posted by: samhenry | September 30, 2009

OUTRAGE! Obama Slow on War; Fast on Health Care Reform – BEYOND BELIEF for September 30, 2009

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Beyond Belief

from the editor, SamHenry

In office 9 months, only now is the President giving any formal thought time to the war in Afghanistan.  Yes we needed a fiscal bailout to stay financially viable. But cap and trade, Health Care Reform – ahead of a war that has seen a marked increase in the death of our soldiers?

Tonight on LOU DOBBS, a White House reporter noted that the decision to send more troops as requested by General Mchrystal  was under consideration.  The consideration period may last a few more weeks. The President was quoted as saying something like:

“We don’t want to do it fast; we want to do it right. We don’t want to make a political decision.”  Oh, that these words had been attached to his Health Care Reform effort.

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