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Mr. Obama – Tear Down That Wall – The Eagle’s Eye for September 29, 2009

eye of the eagleEagle’s Eye

From SamHenry, editor

President Obama,

You’ve constructed a wall between “we the people” and the White House. You don’t want to see or hear us.  In the main, you hear ABOUT us through the media of your choosing and  from the sycophant socialists in your administration.  This has put an end to the lie that yours would be an open administration.

Your forums and press conferences are carefully controlled. As a result, you have never risked directly engaging us. In  your arrogance and self-righteousness, you turn a blind eye to us.

Dissent is a basic right in the US.  But your Administration has no respect for or patience with dissent.  It is a distasteful annoyance to your march toward Marxism. You are convinced you could never learn anything of value from another point of view.

You more easily curry the favor of our enemies abroad than your own citizens in this country whose only crime is disagreement. Witness the fact that  you sought out Hugo Chavez for a photo op earlier this year.

You and your cohorts in the Administration and in Congress target us with cheap shots, untruths and demeaning language of every kind.  Worst of all, your representatives have raised the ugly specter of racism. You are trying to convince people that any criticism of you must be racist.  This is not leadership of the caliber we deserve.

We are not out of control; your own White House staff are.  They are into such illegal acts as holding inappropriate meetings with the NEA, utilizing private e-mail addresses, etc . Quite literally they don’t know their place.  In New York last week, Rahm Emanuel sat in the Secretary of State’s seat at the UN before being asked to move.  This is a prime example of overreaching on the part of some of your henchmen.  They are self-serving and in the end, you will cannibalize each other.

Your supporters such as  James Carville  brought to your attention some very inappropriate signs they found at the 9/12 demonstration. Those were few and far between and it is unclear who was passing them out or holding them.  While the message was the same; the style of these signs differed.

You and the citizens of America need to see this video.  This is a representative sampling of the constructive messages on signs directed at you and Congress that YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN. We are on message.  Because we are, your socialist health care reform is floating aimlessly toward the drain.

You should have taken these signs with their heart-felt loyalty to this country and to the truths for which it has always stood seriously.  In God we trust; not Obama.


A word about your priorities. It is well known and accepted that when you first came into office there was a fiscal crisis you had to address. You quickly took measures and companies to stop the monetary hemorrhaging.  But then you got into legislation like cap and trade and Health Care Reform.

You kicked the war in Afghanistan where so many of our troops die daily under the bus.  What responsible Commander=in-Chief does that? You have had sufficient time to think about your options there even prior to General McChrystal’s recent assessment.  It has long been know that the war there is going badly the proof of which is the higher death rate of US personnel.

Vice-President Biden has been to Afghanistan at least twice, bringing back his fist-hand reactions to conditions on the ground. But it is your responsibility to make any recommended changes in the theater quickly and definitively to save our troops. Dwight D. Eisenhower did not ponder whether to go ahead with the D-Day plan for days when confronted with bad weather. He acted decisively.

From what we have seen of you lately, a colleague on VotingFemale Speaks! has drawn these conclusions:

samiam60 // September 28, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Priorities of our President:
1.Denmark Trip to secure Olympics for Chicago.
2.Push Health Care deform
3.Push Health Care deform
4.Push Health Care Deform
5.Push Health Care Deform
6.Make RAA-Eyed speech about Iran
7.Make RAA-Eyed speech about N.Korea
8.Ignore war in Afghanistan
9.Ignore war in Iraq
10.Ignore Acorn Controversy

VotingFemale Speaks! World is in chaos and we’re stuck with a Milli-Vanili President…



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