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Hugo Chavez – Proselyte for Obama Worship? Where’s the barf bag bailout? Seeing and Setting Trends for September 25, 2009

trendsSeeing and Setting Trends

from SamHenry, Editor

When have we ever seen a UN General Assembly in which the clever clowns-in-chief of nations several tiers below our own took center stage and held it?  When did we see leaders of this stripe take over our airwaves and entertain as well as inform?  Chavez on Larry King Live? They make media matters look so easy – so comfortable.

Now add to this the fact that these leaders have not only embraced President Obama, they feel the need to stick up for him as well –  to let the world and his own countrymen know that he is doing a good job.  And they worry over him – saying forcefully that they fear a bullet will take him. We are told that if he dies, not to let  his ideals and ideas die with him. Have we EVER seen this?  Such camaraderie between a President and socialist leaders of 3rd tier nations.

And these men – Chavez and Gaddafi have followings of international scope unheard of for an American President.  The Gambian mission walks into the chamber during his speech and Chavez stops and warmly and enthusiastically welcomes them.  Chavez made of the chamber his own living room.  Welcome to my house;  I have the microphone his actions said.  Obama was not so comfortable.

It seems that the UN gathering confirmed what we have begun to believe:  President Obama is taking us toward socialism and the evidence of that are the positive reviews he has been receiving from socialist leaders – especially those that  had formerly declared the US as its enemy.

US Sailing Toward World Government? Pictured - the US Training Ship "Eagle"

US Sailing Toward World Government? Pictured - the US Training Ship "Eagle"

If the UN experience this week demonstrated that our best friends are socialist nations, then the meeting of G20 perhaps sees us sailing into world governance? I appears that the rest of the world had agreed on the agenda and that the President fell outside the group in control of it.  In fact, the German Chancellor rather gave Obama a dressing down when she told him what the agenda was.

Most telling is the agreement to enhance the powers of the G20 in ways that portend review of the policies of other nations.

from ArleneArmy at VotingFemale Speaks!

Arlene continues the theme of the creeping socialism of the Obama administration but she also sees that he as the messenger for ANY message has been diminished due to his own lack of talent.

Admittedly, while the campaign was going on, the Obama frenzy was a fad, as folks were excited & enchanted. But the “Yes We Can” chanting & fainting has gotten old. Really, deep down in an American’s soul, most Americans will NOT trade their self worth to praise & bow down to another human being. Not even to Obama, because the liberals have made themselves appear BENEATH Obama.

Everyday, the liberals have been looking more un-American; whereas the tea party patriots are perceived as the US flag waving freedom loving AMERICANS.

Today, when Chavez claimed he smelled the pleasing scent of Obama in the air, it really made Obama appear like a socialist. Chavez shout out for Obama reminded me of the black caucus who went to

Cuba & who then started praising Castro the communist.

Yet the Obamanites / democrats don’t like it when they see posters depicting Obama or his party as commies or socialists. Remember, Obama would not wear a flag pin til he was pressured. Surely the liberals can understand why folks don’t see the patriotism in him or his party.

I would rather be labeled an American tea bagging patriot chanting God Bless America or U-S-A, than to be tagged as an Obamanite fainting & chanting “O-B-A–M-A”.

President Obama has not moved from the cheerleader of his campaign to the confident, controlled head of state.


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