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Eagle’s Eye for September 23, 2009: ArleneArmy Checks In

eye of the eagleEagle’s Eye

Information and Comments Caught in Passing

gathered by SamHenry, Editor

from Arlene Army

The only thing that is giving the GOP courage is the momentum of the tea parties, 912 folks, Foxnews and the right-wing bloggers.

Dismantle CBC & a great majority of the race baiting will be muted.

I distinctly recall that the ONLY black U.S. legislator in history who has not joined the Congressional Black Caucus was Congressman J.C. Watt (republican from the great state of Oklahoma). He refused to join because of the CBC’s racist views….

I just see the way the caucus is going with this. I grew up in the hood & have been surrounded by black community organizers & black politics all my life until I joined the Army.

From Kynikos

If ever the metaphor “don’t shoot the messenger” applied, it is in the case of the undercover videos of James O’Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles. Due to the release of blatantly damaging videos John Conyers the chairman of the Judaical committees and for some unknown reason Barny “Fudd” Frank both asked for a, “non-partisan” investigation of ACORNS activities and bookkeeping.

from SamHenry, editor

obama refused to meet -

Passing thought – if you consider which leaders commanded the most microphone time and attention at the UN today, you may not sleep well this evening.


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