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Eagle’s Eye for September 24, 2009 – “What is Past is Prologue”

eye of the eagle

Eagle’s Eye

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gathered by SamHenry, Editor

from VotingFemale, Administrator
Taken from an article I wrote fall, 2008 that has become a “prophecy” and a cautionary tale for the future.

Obama’s now revealed “Changes,” with more to follow, are no longer fuzzy and without form… they are for real and foreboding… a Socialist Takeover of the government, if not slowed down and stopped in it’s tracks, will be to the detriment of not only America but to a world of people who depend on America to stabilize the world and give the Democratic and Capitalistic leadership they seek.

I urge people to reach out and show your respect for the courage of former Obama Voters who are now saying… just wait a damn minute! That Change is not The Change I, as an American, need or want.

It is an attack on Capitalism and a level of domination of Americans by their government that is not going to be tolerated.

You have a rapidly growing number of moderate DEMs, GOPs, Libertarians, and Independents who, although voted for Obama on faith, are not chained to the Ideology of Socialism and a big brother government controlling their lives and spreading wealth at the whim of the government.

SamHenry’s thought – the motto of the National Archives is What is Past is Prologue. The last few days at the UN should give us further pause.

Architect John Russell Pope placed four monumental statues around the National Archives Building. Each was cut from a single block of limestone weighing 125 tons. Aitken’s “The Future” sits on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the building. The young woman lifts her eyes from the pages of an open book and gazes into the future. Its base is inscribed with a line inspired by Shakespeare’s play The Tempest: “What is Past is Prologue.”

“The Future,”
'The Future'
Designed and modeled by Robert I. Aitken
Carved by the Piccirilli Brothers Company

Obama events sound rather … familiar


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