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ArleneArmy Handicaps Election 2010: The Obama effect on the Black Congressional/Gubenatorial Races

arlene army

submitted by ArleneArmy of  VotingFemale Speaks!

Obama’s a Jive talker and He’s WEAK  – Calculate That!

Keep a watchful eye on the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). In 2010, the black caucus’s membership will NOT increase. This is a reality that threatens the CBC survival & its membership is its survival. They will do what ever’s necessary to survive.

The political races to watch are NY, Massachusetts & Illinois – but especially NY.  Also focus on New Jersey (from the fallout from NY).  The Congressional Black Caucus will buck hard on Obama to endorse Paterson & to dump Cuomo. If Paterson gets bloodied up too bad, then that will cause Corzine (NJ) to be viewed unfavorably by blacks.

ZERO black governors is very likely. Patrick is too weak and Paterson is weaker up against Guilliani. The “Paterson” effect will ignite the “racers.” Paterson may have slim a chance to win due to the delicate discourse on race and because he’s blind. Guilinni will be labeled a racist during the gubernatorial debate.  In Illinois, a black probably will win Burris’s seat, but it wont be Jesse Jackson, Jr.

If the only two black governors are replaced by non-blacks and  if blacks start losing seats in the House, that’s when Obama will lose his probationary black status. That’s when real black folks will see Obama as Kenyan. And Clinton will regain his crown as the 1st black president.

Obama Defeat Assured; 2010 Elections will stop His Socialism in it’s TRACKS, says Joe Biden


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