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Fast Track – Every Move of Obama and Khloe Kardashian

by SamHenry, editor

Obama and bo joggingNo wonder that President Obama sat in the Roosevelt Room at the White House and the anchors of the major networks rotated through for the Sunday interviews.  The poor man is running so fast to initiate and/or to push for legislation at such a rate that he is now seen to be running in place.

He came into office last January and within a few short weeks had taken over some of the key sectors of the banking and finance industry; taken a majority share in General Motors and had begun the battle to swiftly pass “Cap and Trade.” Without taking so much as a breath he then moved on to the health care reform morass and a couple of trips abroad to get foreign policy cooking. What with his apologies in Europe for American past behavior and a moving speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, it was clear that his new policies in this arena would be hard won.

But the Obama pace slowed as agreement on a health care reform bill missed the target date in August.  Currently some doubt that things will get moving again in any significant way until after the first of the year. With that still boiling on the front burner, he continued with the appointments for cabinet and Supreme Court slots while managing his ground breaking efforts to appoint over 30 “Czars.”   Appointees in these posts do not require Congressional approval but they have important functionality in their oversight of  various areas of interest to the Administration such as revamping FCC regulations.  The sheer number of these Czars makes a nation and Congress both concerned.  The appointment of so many is surely not cost-efficient.

This past week he returned to the finance and banking areas and discussed legislative reforms and then announced that he would be looking into subsidizing some newspapers to maintain access to needed information on the part of the non-technological citizens.  Throughout this period, he made a foray into education reform in the controversial speech he made to the nation’s school children.

The deadlines keep coming. Still stinging from Obama’s first badly executed formal foreign policy initiative [dropping the “bomb” on eastern Europe that he will not go forward with the missal shield], he set a deadline of 23 September for agreement between Israeli and Palestinian leaders to restart the peace process.  Clearly this pace amazes his supporters; confounds his detractors – you know – those nutty racists demonstrating in the Mall.

Why so fast?  Is running so hard in effect kicking dust in his detractors faces that keeps them from fully grasping the overall scope and form of his agenda?  Is he purposefully shooting off dozens of foreign and domestic initiatives to wear them down with information overload?  It would seem so. The average citizen does not have the vast resources of or access to information that would allow him to keep pace with all of this. In short, the President has almost left the American public behind.

Did I say “almost”?  Indeed, those nutty racists – those Tea Party Espress people that occupied the mall one sunny earlier this month are not going on to another “subject” area just yet.  They are taking a tactical turn and focusing on term limits.  They see it as the only answer to making sure that “lifers” are replaced with individuals more sensitive to the needs and views of their constituents. This is a brilliant move on the part of a movement that is currently without a leader. American ingenuity lives on and will be dismissed as “crazy” at the peril of those seeking reelection in 2010.  Finally, a means to bypass a lot of the bogged down national conversation and to lay the groundwork for meaningful not fast change.

kardashianNow if it seems there is no other public event that is moving faster than any of the Obama Admistration’s policy initiatives, think again. This morning we learned that after a month’s whirlwind romance, Khole Kardashian will marry NBS player Lamar Odam. “The ceremony is being thrown together so quickly that guests are being notified by phone that formal invitations will arrive this week….”

Can you blame her for a now fashionable rush to change – her status?  Can you blame me for reading trashy magazines as a palliative for political over indulgence?  And can you blame yourself that you have never even heard of these people when the Obama media blitz has knocked all things from the headlines?

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