Posted by: VotingFemale | September 20, 2009

Obama is putting the muscle on NY Govenor Paterson to not run for re-election

  • arlenearmy // September 20, 2009 at 4:25 am

    Obama is putting the muscle on NY Govenor Paterson to not run for re-election.

    1. I think this is personal because Obama is pissed that Paterson did not pick Caroline Kennedy; and

    2. Paterson cut off ACORN’S funds

    All this is really none of Obama’s business. Obama cant even run the WH, yet he’s gonna interfere in affairs of the State. Just like he’s messing with the black governor in Massachusetts.

    Obama’s acting like he’s some Shaku Zulu – king of the American blacks. He’s treating the black politicians like they are in his tribe. You will notice that he’s not doing this to the white governors. I could be mis-reading this, but this is the way I see it.

    The blind man in New York, better get Obama off his back in a hurry. Obama is gonna jack around too much with Paterson, and Giuliani will get the governorship. Of course I would prefer Giuliani more than Paterson. Its that I don’t like the way Obama is going about what is not his business.

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