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Anything former President Carter and Bill Cosby can do, Nancy Pelosi can do better.  She has taken to the national stage to talk about the racism she feels is running rampant among the President’s detractors and angry protesters.

Nancy Pelosi in saying there will be blood and laying the blame on the protesters is inciteful. This is not leadership. This is manipulative and dangerous.  She is accusing a large segment of our population of encouraging the assasination of our President.

A signat the 012 protest saying we should have buried Obama with Kennedy carried by even 1,000 people does not characterize that crowd that day.  There were two formats of that sign. Did they both come from the same source?  It is not beyond reason to think that administrative operatives were involved in some of this.  She knows that the people who carried inappropriate signs were  in the minority.  If she keeps this up, those carrying these signs will only grow.

Blood indeed, Mrs. Pelosi. Do you honestly believe that the majority of the 912 protesters want the President dead? There are easier ways to accomplish this. You have cast the first accusatory stone in the racist debate.

It seems as if former President Carter and Bill Cosby have taken the leap into social and cultural analysis albeit not as démagogues. But listen up all of you people who love America and each other: these are two opinions based on observation NOT fact based on research.

Obama Race Speech – November 2008 – for the entire text

These  are the key words from this s 2008 speech :

I chose to run for the presidency at this moment in history because I believe deeply that we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together – unless we perfect our union by understanding that we may have different stories, but we hold common hopes; that we may not look the same and we may not have come from the same place, but we all want to move in the same direction – towards a better future for of children and our grandchildren.

These are the words of the brilliant man whose talent and ability to connect with us was breathtaking.

But promises are difficult to keep or even to remember when events come down hard on a country and on a presidency. The economic time bomb dropped and the scope of it caught us all by surprise.

In reaction to all of this, CITIZENS themselves changed. More were out of work, without medical coverage, and thrown out of their homes. The unemployment rate climbed to the current 12%. (many peg it at 17%).

Where in all of this is solid ground on which a citizen could build a meaningful life in this country?  People had lost everything – everything they had dreamed about and for which they had saved.  This was change enough. The American dream was dead.

But the President pushed us on to more change and change of a degree not promised during the campaign – bigger government – little regard for cost – borrowing to the point that our policies are all but drawn up by China.

At the very least Americans needed to get mad at someone and the President sits at the apex of power.  We would be angry at whoever was in the White House at this time.

This is critical to remember: The media, the Democrats, the members of Obama’s White House staff – all feel that anger at the President is really racism. That says more about them than those carrying signs that say Obama should be buried with Kennedy.

The President is in power; his support staff are in it with him. What angry crowd can change the fact that the President is the President and that (and this is something that is now overlooked) he is where he is because of  unbelievable support from whites in this country?

Now many of of Obama’s former supporters are disappointed that centrist Obama of the campaign has been replaced with left of center socialist Obama. Look up the meaning of the word “socialist.” It is not a denigrating term. It accurately describes the current White House Policy.

If the President and his supporters cling to the hope that throwing racism into the mix is a brilliant tactic they will be sorely disappointed. Most people of intelligence – many in his own party – look upon that as a sign of weakness not of strength. This is counter to the kind of thoughtful strength that got him elected.  It looks as if the promise to bring us all together has been scrapped.

The President leads the way and he is leading us into racism on a grander scale than protesters in the Mall.  He has the bully pulpit and he has just denegrated his office and the character of the American people in doing this.


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