Posted by: samhenry | September 8, 2009

This administration is a ship without a rudder – and other pronouncements

By KarmaHD at the mother ship blog,

Did anyone see the campaign speech Obama gave to the AFL/CIO today in Cleveland?? How desperate is this man to go to one of his last elements of support, the unions.

Also, what happened to the CIA investigation? Was Jones a sacrificial lamb to take attention off of that issue, WTF is Biden talking about when he states jobs have been saved and the stimulus is working, that is plain unmitigated bull shit and a lie, where has Little Timmy Geithner been for the last two months???

This administration is a ship without a rudder, all the debate over the Health Care plan was basically moot, there never was one! Just a bunch of crap taking up 1200 pages of paper, now they want to vote on the bill before the end of the year, if not sooner?? Maybe they should write it first, and try to get some partisan assistance, and keep an eye on Olympia Snow from Maine, she is a democrat in republican cloth, and a key player in two major bills that are far left of center, the health care plan, and the cyber-security act.

Lastly, am I the only one that finds it odd that several of us on here are having either health issues, or are feeling under the weather???? I never get sick and I have had a tough last two weeks, Ohiobelle, M2, could it be stress or something more deviant???

In closing, you have to read the Huffington post it is just plain hilarious to see how they attack the patriots, in fact it is right out of the Rules for Radicals, of special note, is Ariana’s post on Van Jones, how is a true American and now that he will not be hampered by the government job he will be more valuable in his organizing efforts outside of his green czar job position!! If that is not polishing a turd I don’t know what is. Also the efforts in knocking off Glen Becks advertisers, the minions of Obama, the true radicals have not given up, nor can the rights efforts to counter the baseless lies they tell.


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