Posted by: samhenry | September 3, 2009

Socialist Journalist with God Given Oversight of the Internet Warns: Check Blogger Info for Truth


By SamHenry

check out statements made by bloggers.

That pronouncement from Bill Ayers, editor, of Pulitzer Prize winning made that pronouncement in a article about Obama’s online operations post election.

Mr. Ayers, and many other liberal/socialist journalists would have you believe that the truth tellers are employed by or sponsored by the media news outlets or have worked as journalists.  All of the half truths and outright lies are the province of the bloggers. In their rarefied world, truth and political point of view are interchangeable. If you are a Conservative, you are either a devotee of the Fox news channel or you own or contribute to a Conservative blog.  When someone like Bill Ayers says watch truth in blogs, it is code for beware the Conservative bloggers.  Either way, if you are a Conservative, they have you down as an out of touch with reality nut case and who should not be blogging anyway.

Well this old mongrel Conservative is here to say we are going to turn the spotlight on YOUR truths for a change.  Now YOU will be on the hot seat to prove that liberal/socialist so-called fact checking sites are always the keepers of the truth.  Pulitzer or not, as a former information specialist, I’ll be watching.


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