Posted by: samhenry | September 1, 2009

Tea Party Movement March on Washingto 9/12

by SamHenry

In case the President and his staff; Nancy Pelosi and hers have not got the message, lines of communication will be repaired on 9/12 when Tea Party devotees will march on Washington. Even Glen Beck wants to be there and has asked FOX to send him!  The event is being promoted by several organizations such as Freedom Works Foundation, National Taxpayers Union, and Tea Party Patriots gathered under the banner: Here is part of their appeal  for participants:

Why we must March on Washington

We will march on Washington on September 12th because we must. Because we have to turn the temperature up on the politicians to remind them once again that we will not go quietly into the night. We will work harder and out-organize the taxpayer-funded left wing groups like ACORN. We, the producers of this country will not be taken over by the looters and their representatives in Congress.

A march on Washington is necessary because it is the natural next step for a growing movement that started with a spark in Cape Coral, Florida and Elkhart, Indiana. A movement where a handful of people inspired others thousands of miles away to take to the streets because if the folks in Cape Coral could do it, so could the folks in Elkhart. We march on Washington because it will take a massive gathering of liberty-loving Americans to make such an impact on Congress and the president that we stop the current slide to socialism. When the national and international press see that the American people have gathered by the thousands in one place, at one time, to stand in solidarity with the constitution and the declaration of independence, no longer will we be written off.

We have the opportunity to come together at this march and make our mark in a way that previous Americans before us have done. We can keep the flame of liberty lit for future generations, but we all have to put in the work to do so. We are only two weeks away from September 12th, a day in which we can finally speak in one, loud voice for freedom. I believe that if we can pull this off, we can stop the government takeover of health care and the energy sector, and stop this rapid socialist experiment before it eliminates any more of our liberty.

My personal appeal to you is to spend the next two weeks helping to spread the word about this event. Charter a bus, recruit more people, call talk radio and do everything else in your power to alert your fellow Americans to this cause. If we work together we can make history and throw a counter punch to big government that will put it on the ropes. From there, we can begin regaining our liberty and restoring our republic to its original founding. This is why we must march on Washington on September 12th.


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