Posted by: samhenry | August 28, 2009


by SamHenry

Senator Edward Kennedy expired late Tuesday, August 25 , 2009 and Bob Oakes of NPR’s Boston affiliate WBUR got right on it. He was able to reach Barney Frank for the comment  “[I] will absolutely not be a candidate for that [Senator Edward Kennedy’s] seat.”  The exchange was reported by NPR’s David Gura in a piece filed 26 August.

Congressman Frank provided detailed information on why he had not spoken previously about the seat. He felt it was inappropriate to discuss it while Kennedy was so ill yet he feels it appropriate to discuss it before Kennedy has been buried!

He went on to provide an historical backgrounder: he WOULD have run for the Senate had Kerry been successful in his bid for the White House.

And now? Why as Chairman of the House Finance Committee, he is too altruistically and selflessly devoted to making sure that measures are in place to prevent another fiscal crisis in this country in  his lifetime!

Methinks the Congressman doth protest too much – and too long!


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