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Maurice Schwenkler, Denver Anarchist, Incites Bickering but is not a DEM or a GOPer

VotingFemale said on August 27, 2009 at 10:07 am

I have investigated the incident of the window smashing at a DEM office and the bickering and political finger pointing between DEM Chairman Pat Waak and Colorado State GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams.

It presently appears Pat Waak has now stopped blaming the GOP for this after doing so based on unfounded speculation. Typical MOONBAT TACTICS…

That Pat Waak used the incident to blame the GOP as a weapon of the DEM party promotion of ObamaCare was a typical Moonbat stunt and disgraces all DEM members.

It now appears Maurice Schwenkler is against Both Parties and was looking to stoke the fires of confrontation between both parties.

That Maurice Schwenkler is a legally female female-to-male trans-sexual is only remotely interesting. That this person is a member of an organized anarchist group in Denver, which is called Denver Bash Back, is interesting.

For a chronology of this unfolding story, see the Denver Post Articles on this list:


When news of the window smashing hit, state Democratic chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed conservatives for stoking animosity around the health care debate.

Republicans later rejoiced when it was revealed Schwenkler had worked for a Democratic candidate in 2008 and alleged the vandalism was an attempt to frame conservative opponents to Obama’s proposal.

State GOP chairman Dick Wadhams demanded an apology from Waak.

She made “sweeping generalizations that if you’re opposed to (Obama’s health care) plan, you’re capable of that kind of despicable act,” he said.

Now it appears possible that Schwenkler ascribes to neither political ideology.

Bash Back is a group of radical gay, lesbian and transgender individuals who began organizing in 2007 to protest the Republican and Democratic national conventions, according to its website.




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